Traversing bitcoin’s public ledger in Python, for beginners

Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash

A few weeks ago I was camping in Joshua Tree with my sister and my brother-in-law, and there were three things we talked about:

Although my sister greatly preferred #3 from the above list, this blog post is about 1 and 2, cryptocurrencies and learning how to code.

Learning how to code is hard

It took me several tries to learn how to code, spaced out over 8 years. My first attempt was the book Programming for Dummies, which I checked out from the library when I was in fifth grade. …

Exploring one of the largest datasets in climbing

Is downgrading climbs more common than upgrading? Do climbers begin to prefer longer routes over shorter ones as they get older? What route will you enjoy the most at a new climbing area?

In the past, these questions have been difficult or impossible to answer objectively. In general, we remain largely in the dark about the underlying mechanics of climber preferences and our habits of grading climbs. However, tens of thousands of climbers have added millions of ascents to “online logbooks,” which I define as web applications for keeping track of which climbs you have done. …

Charlie Andrews-Jubelt

climber, engineer, feminist, MIT alumnus, TBI survivor, curious about many things!

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